A new poll just released by the Gallup Organization may have answered the age-old question men have been asking themselves: "Does size really matter to women?"  The answer is overwhelmingly "yes!"

Raw data shows that 95% of women wish their husband/boyfriend's was bigger, with 3% indicating they were satisfied with its current size, and only 2% reporting they didn't care.

The majority presents a variety of viewpoints.  Sandra Oldwood, an administrative assistant from Boise, Idaho says, "For me, it's an issue of excitement.  When I see how big my John's is, I can't help but get little chills up and down my spine when I imagine what fun we're going to have with it later that night."  Jessica Mokane, a stay-at-home mom from Fargo, ND has this to say: "I just think our lives would be pretty dull if Edgar's was much smaller.  As it stands now, I occasionally find myself unsatisfied with its size."

The small minority, however, was very vocal.  Megan Turing, from New Mefingburg, Oregon, insists, "Alan's is only four inches long, but we find ways to make do.  With a little creativity, a little bit can go a long way."  Diana Sbaitso, from Champagne, Illinois agrees, "Ben doesn't exactly have the biggest in town, but we always find plenty of ways to have fun with it all night long."

But the results bring to light the incredible inadequacy some men feel when it comes to their own size, behavioral scientist Morgan Foxfire noted.  "Some women report their men behaving in ways that could be interpreted as being a result of insecurity, such as showing [it] to their male co-workers after work, comparing their sizes with friends, family, and rivals, and constantly obsessing over its size.  As women, we need to step back and realize the amount of pressure we're putting on guys.  It's psychologically unhealthy."

Still, experts in the field agree that the best way for a guy to increase the size of his paycheck is to ask for a raise at work.